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Moments of wonder in your hectic working day with virtual, creative speed networking
12-min simple, guided creative exercises in pairs, at a time and place that suits you
Build your creative muscle and boost your wellbeing while you connect with someone new
In Wonder Dates you're paired by serendipity with club members from around the world - who might you meet?


Our kickstarter campaign has closed as we didn't hit our $100k target.
You can still take a little browse and check out co-founder Pauline's Cat Gif Challenge.

If how we roll peeks your interest, you can still sign-up for the Wonder Dates Club guest list
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Or you can always be one of our leader pioneers and pilot a change fit club for your organisation; visit the Playfilled website to learn more.


Our 'change bunny' pioneers loved our early version of Wonder Dates.
energy uplift
“Really fun, we didn’t run out of things to talk about, and the creative piece really put me at ease”
“Playful, had fun, engaged, laughter — which is not so easy to find these days!”
positive experience rating
mood uplift
“I was surprised how quickly I was able to extract myself from my current environment to dream for few minutes”
Results from opt-in pilots; we learnt that not everyone wants to get off the 'change couch'.

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  • 888,889 available
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  • Packs for $10, $100, and $1000 available
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  • 1 ticket for you, gift the rest to your organisation or we'll gift the tickets to good causes for you
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  • 111 available
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